Zebra Smoke Starter Series: 11″ 1 Hose Pumpkin Hookah

Product Name:Zebra Smoke Starter Series: 11" 1 Hose Pumpkin Hookah WITH CARRYING CASE Combo Kit Set
Brand:Zebra Smoke
Number of hoses:1
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Zebra Smoke Starter Series: 11″ 1 Hose Pumpkin Hookah Description:

This is a small BUT powerful hookah coming directly from the birthplace of all hookahs, India. It will leave you satisfied for sure. What we were impressed with was that this hookah came with its beautiful custom-made case. The material of the box is solid aluminum which seems durable. Also, inside the box, there is foam on top, bottom and sides to protect the hookah when traveling. This cheap Hookah is highly suggested to people that are often moving with their smoke making tool.

About the product

  • 11″ 1 Hose Hookah
  • Hookah Charcoal Tray+ Tong + Poker+Carrying Case included!
  • Complete Set- matching color bowl and hose, tongs, tray, base, and stem.


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