Best Hookah Guide in 2018

If you’re interested in shisha and you want to find a new hookah which will provide you with the ultimate in shisha smoking pleasure, you’ll appreciate this detailed guide. Our best hookah guide 2018 is loaded with facts which will help you to make a wise and informed decision as a consumer. No doubt, once you learn what to look for while shopping around (and check out our top eight hookah picks!), you’ll be ready to order the hookah that is right for you. After you’ve received your new best hookah, the sensual pleasures of smoking shisha will be at your fingertips.

Discover the Best Hookah Brands

Have a look at the table with the best hooka and see the best hookah brands for 2018! We hope that this table will help you decide on your new product! However, If you need more information feel free to scroll down where we review each individual hookah model and brand.

Top Selling Hookahs of 2018

Name/ImageLearn MoreBrandRatingNumber of hoses
Lit Hookah – Premium all Glass Hookah review

Lit Hookah – Premium all Glass Hookah review

view pricesfull reviewsLit Hookahs5 Star Average Rating 2
Pharaoh’s glass hookah Queen B  – 20″ All Glass Hookah

Pharaoh’s glass hookah Queen B – 20″ All Glass Hookah

view pricesfull reviewsPharaoh's Queen B4.5 Star Average Rating 1
Al Fakher Glass Hookah 14″ (Clear)

Al Fakher Glass Hookah 14″ (Clear)

view pricesfull reviewsAl Fakher4.5 Star Average Rating 1
Sahara Smoke – 17″ Sand Blasted Skin Hookah

Sahara Smoke – 17″ Sand Blasted Skin Hookah

view pricesfull reviewsSahara Smoke3.5 Star Average Rating 2
MIDNIGHT CHILL – Hookah 22″ 4 Hose

MIDNIGHT CHILL – Hookah 22″ 4 Hose

view pricesfull reviewsMIDNIGHT CHILL4 Star Average Rating 4
Texas Hookah Zebra Smoke 10″ 1 Hose Complete Set

Texas Hookah Zebra Smoke 10″ 1 Hose Complete Set

view pricesfull reviewsTexas Hookah Zebra Smoke4 Star Average Rating 1
GSTAR 11 Premium 2 Hose Set – Mini Pumpkin Hookah

GSTAR 11 Premium 2 Hose Set – Mini Pumpkin Hookah

view pricesfull reviewsGSTAR4 Star Average Rating 2
GSTAR 11 Premium 1 Hose Set – Cheap Hookah

GSTAR 11 Premium 1 Hose Set – Cheap Hookah

view pricesfull reviewsGSTAR4 Star Average Rating 1

What To Look For

We think that brand reputation is something that you should consider while you’re searching the Web for the best hookah. Don’t know what it is? Have a quick look at our website and come back later! It’s not the only thing that you should think about, but it an important consideration. It’s really easy to research brands online, particularly if they are well-known, so be sure to look into the history of a manufacturer before you buy. You should be trying to find a manufacturer which has been in business for years and which has a strong and positive online reputation.

Features, style, price and hookah sets

How to choose the best hookah guideAs well, you’ll need to think about features. Some hookahs have single hoses and these styles are ideal for personal use. If you want to share a single-hose hookah, you will need to change the mouthpiece. Otherwise, you’ll be sharing germs with your friends. If you think that you’ll be using your hookah for group shisha sessions, you’ll be better off choosing a hookah with two or four hoses. Some styles convert from two to four hoses.

Another prime consideration is style. This is more important to some people than others. If you want something beautiful, you won’t have any trouble finding it, as many manufacturers provide gorgeous products to consumers, which feature lots of decorative design elements. Those who are more budget-conscious should focus on the performance of hookahs. A simple and basic style which isn’t too ornate and fancy will be a smart choice.

Lastly, think about the price. Hookah Sets are available at basic, mid-range and high-end price points. Read customer reviews of specific products in order to find the styles which offer the most performance at your preferred price point(s).

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at eight respected hookah designs which really hit the target with consumers. Please spare in mind that while writing the best hookah guide article we did not focus on price as a primary indicator of our choices. This is why you get to see products in various price ranges!


Summary of the table

1) Lit Premium all Glass Hookah

[Update] – We decided to add the Lit Premium Hookah as the top option of this guide because it is one of the top selling products that we review on ShishaHeart. Everybody that bought this hookah seems to be impressed by the quality and the smooth smoking experience that the Lit Premium Glass hookah provides. The product is 100% premium and also looks fantastic! You can’t go wrong with this specific product!

2) GSTAR 11″ Premium 1 Hose Hookah Complete Set – Mini Pumpkin Hookah Glass Vase

Budget ShishaThis is one of the best hookah designs on the market and it’s a best-selling model which most buyers absolutely love!  One of its key selling points is definitely its rock-bottom price tag. If you are on a budget or want to experiment with shisha smoking for the first time (without needing to invest big bucks), this model from GSTAR (a brand we trust!) may be ideal for your needs.

When you order, you’ll access an eleven-inch product and all of the right accessories. You’ll get a glass vase, a shaft with a down stem, a man-made leather hose, an ashtray, a ceramic bowl and tongs with a poker. This kit is portable. Use it at home or while you’re on the go. It’s also easy to take care of.


3) GSTAR 11″ Premium 2 Hose Hookah Complete Set – Mini Pumpkin Hookah Glass Vase

GSTAR 11" Premium 2 Hose Hookah Complete SetThis hookah also comes from GSTAR and we love this particular hookah manufacturer. It differs from our number one pick because it is a two-hose style, rather than having a single hose. However, it’s also a best-selling design.

If you plan to enjoy a shisha experience with others, you’ll find that this is one of the best hookahs to buy. It includes air plugs which are built-in, measures eleven inches in height and has stem valves which close automatically when they aren’t being used. As well, it comes with the right accessories and it’s available for a very low price.


4) Al Fakher Glass Hookah 14″

Clear Glass ShishaThis “editor choice best hookah made from glass” from respected hookah manufacturer, Al Fakher, is a high-end model which provides exceptional performance and style. It’s stunning, thanks to its clear glass finish (other colors of glass are available, so choose clear or a brighter shade) and it has all of the right features. Those who want sets of higher caliber should definitely add this make and model to their short list. This hookah measures fourteen inches in height. It’s a compact design which looks amazing and provides plenty of shisha smoking pleasure.

Easy to assemble and pack away, it offers smooth taste and it’s made from genuine glass. When you order, you’ll receive a second glass charcoal screen at no extra charge, as well as an extra tray.


5) Sahara Smoke – 17″ Sand Blasted Skin Hookah

17" Sand Blasted Skin HookahThis advanced hookah is very attractive and it has a mid-range price tag. Its height is seventeen inches, so it’s a bit taller than some other models on our list. The glass base of this one is hand-blown and it’s really beautiful. As well, this unit features a shaft made from stainless steel which features extra-wide tubing. The velvet rope which comes with this model is seventy-four inches in length. You may adapt this hookah for a second hose, so it’s quite versatile. However, you’ll need to buy hose adapters from Sahara Smoke in order to add hoses.


6) Texas Hookah Zebra Smoke 10″ 1 Hose Mini Pumpkin Hookah Complete Set

1 Hose Mini Pumpkin Hookah Complete SetNow, let’s talk about a budget hookah which is feature-packed. This style comes from the trusted manufacturer, Texas Hookah, and it measures ten inches in height. It’s a “Zebra Smoke” style with a “mini pumpkin” bowl that has a sleek black finish.

When you choose this affordable hookah, you’ll receive tongs, a bowl and a hose with your order. Also, you’ll access instructions which make it simple to set up your new design and enjoy some hookah smoking at home or while you’re traveling.


7) 4 Hose Hookah Shisha MIDNIGHT CHILL Black 22″ Sheesha Narghile Hookah Set

4 hose shisha

This 4 hose hookah is ideal for group sessions and it looks great, too, thanks to its black and silvertone finish. This unit measures twenty-two inches in height and it has four hoses, so you’ll be able to share your shisha experience with others, without needing to share your own hose. The lounge hoses included with this hookah are seventy-three inches in length and they feature mouthpieces which are laser-cut. The hoses are washable, so this hookah is definitely easy-care. When you order, you’ll receive a bowl with a wind covering, a screen for charcoal and one pair of tongs (metal) with a poking stick.


8) 20″ Pharaoh’s Queen B All Glass on Glass Hookah Pipe Set with Egyptian Case

Pharaoh's Queen B Glass ShishaIf you care about quality and don’t mind paying more for an elite all glass hookah which will look amazing and allow you to enjoy smooth taste every day and night, you’ll love this pipe from Pharoah’s Queen. This brand is established and its “Queen B” shisha has a total height of twenty inches, as well as gorgeous, all-glass construction. Even the connections are made from glass.

This unit has a filter inside of its base which is a honeycomb style. The filter is built-in and it contributes to great taste. As well, this unit comes with a carry case in the Egyptian style, as well as a seventy-eight-inch hose made from easy-care silicone.


9) Wookah Body Oak Hookah Shisha Hookah Pipe

Wookah - wooden pipeThis all wood hookah is very special. It’s a nice change from plastic, ceramic or glass. If you value uniqueness and style, you may really appreciate this design from a trusted manufacturer, Wookah.

This is a high-end shisha, so expect the best in terms of looks, performance, and accessories. When you make the decision to invest in this glamorous and beautiful shisha, you’ll be buying a piece of art which is also supremely functional.

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So what is the best hookah

Hopefully, our best Hookah guide 2018 will make it easy for you to choose the perfect model. We did not give a straight out answer for your “What’s the best hookah?” question, however, we tried to help you decide! Now that you know some amazing shisha products, why not order a new hookah today?

[Update] Hookah Prices

Since many asked about the costs involved in hookahs, we decided to update our guide and add the following part:

Owing a hookah can be an expensive hobby. Most of the good quality hookahs are costing anywhere from $50 to $300. Also, you need to keep in mind that on top of the initial cost of buying your hookah, you will also have recurring costs for buying shisha flavor, charcoals and parts that will be potentially damaged. We would say that a complete hookah set should cost approximately $350 with the first run of shisha flavor, coals, and a charcoal burner!

[Update 2] Buying a hookah for the first time


It is important to pick up a brand that is considered a good one. Non-quality brands may offer a lossy smoking experience. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are always buying a hookah that comes from a reputable brand. Some examples are:

  1. Khalil Mamoon
  2. Lit
  3. Sahara Smoke
  4. Mya Saray
  5. There are many quality brands available! Make sure to leave us a comment if you are looking for a specific one! Most probably a member of our team will get back to you with a clear answer.


Smoking shisha can become very expensive. However, if you make the right choices from the beginning, we are pretty sure that you won’t need to spend money for a long time after (expect if you break something).

Number of hoses

One thing that you need to consider is the number of hoses that you want your hookah to have. My personal preference is to always go with one-hose hookahs. However, this is a drawback when I am smoking with friends. I have to pass the hose over and this gets kind of messy. A multiple hose hookah is a better choice if you are planning to smoke often with a company.


Bigger doesn’t mean better. You have to choose a hookah that fits your needs. I am mostly leaning towards buying medium one hose hookahs. However, many of my friends prefer the big and tall hookahs. This comes down to your personal needs and there is no straight answer. Make sure to try multiple hookahs and buy on hookah that you feel it is good for you. My personal favorite is Lit Premium all Glass Hookah in case that you want to give it a chance.

Tobacco Flavor

We really think that each flavor is nice. However, getting the flavor to taste as it is supposed to, it is another thing. Tobacco flavor is all about setting up your hookah to generate the correct temperature and finding out what kind of flavor you like. We suggest that you try some AL Fakher flavors. Also, I always make sure to add a pinch of mint in my shisha. Mint adds a tone of freshness to the flavor.


Charcoals can make difference on how your tobacco tastes. This is why we suggest that you always use organic coconut flavors instead of the quick light coals that many are using. You may see that it is harder to light organic coconut coals, however, the performance and flavor that they provide it is worth the extra hassle.


Are you ready to buy a new hookah? Have a look at the video guide as well:

The video below is a summary of the best hookahs that we talked about in the article. Moreover, if you are in a hurry or you just want to make a quick choice then this video is going to be very helpful for you! If you are ready to buy a new hookah, this video will definitely help you choose your new hooka pipe.